Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NAC website is vandalised

Since Saturday, the NAC website has been vandalised: with the exception of the pages I uploaded on Sunday evening – mainly, the homepage, a new article “Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?”, and an updated presentation of another article “Catholic Doctrine and Reproductive Health: Why the Church can’t change” – pages take an awful long time to load (about 30 seconds per page). We have also received an email from somebody in the US advising that he could get the homepage right away, but the others are not loading.

As I was trying to figure out if I could identify the source of the malfunction, I realised that the transferring of data is done through IP (see here for a larger graphic; the IP number is at the very bottom of the left-hand corner), which a straightforward Google search reveals is located in ... Latvia! I also ran a virus check on my copy of NAC; not a problem (see here for a larger graphic of the confirmation).

I find this quite shocking. As I announced in a blog of 5 February “New NAC website re-launched in paid space”, this new website is sponsored by James Fetzer, an honorary associate of NAC, who is Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Prof. Fetzer has bought the domain name and web hosting with SiteGround of New York, rated the best web hosting company for 2007 and 2008.

Hardware issues? Well, according to SiteGround, these happen very rarely, and in such cases they will always do anything within their reach to bring all services back online and restore the client’s website functionality. Software issues? Nothing is 100% sure or accurate, they say, adding that their system administrators are notified immediately when a software issue is detected by the monitoring systems and start working on resolving the case in order to prevent or minimise any possible downtime.

I would email SiteGround Technical Support to report a hosting issue except that I am still unable to log in to my account due to my username and password not being recognised, and this despite that since launching on 4 February I have been uploading with a program and the same username and password. I suppose I may mention here that the NAC website has been twice removed from the internet (see “About us”).