Thursday, June 11, 2009

Harassment at the place we sleep, Salters

Not only do I now have to check my blog to get dates straight due to so many things happening to us over the last couple of weeks, but now I am also starting to run out of ideas for new blog post titles! Events unfolded pretty quickly after we learnt early last week that copies of Prof. James Fetzer’s RENDER UNTO DARWIN, for review to be published on the NAC website, had not been received by our target referees (see blog of 3 June “Abortion a ‘hot button’ issue”); they have continued a pace since we received the first review on Saturday (see blog 8 June “We have our first review”).

Anyway, early this morning I am not even out of my sleeping bag and I am already being harassed by two workers from the homeless organisation Broadway (see blog of 5 June “Salters back in the spotlight” for two Google map photos of our sleeping pitch). It was of course two workers from the same organisation who visited us with two police officers on the night of 28 May in what turned out an encounter of surreal proportions (see blog “Last night something surreal happened”). Declan and I did all our talking that night and had no interest in pointless conversation, but these two guys did not seem too happy about it.

“We’re not taking your belligerence and we’ll be back again,” one of these guys blurted on leaving, like he was talking to two five-year-olds. (Declan has actually been to the police already about this bloke for harassment and intimidation; he retains a With Compliments slip dated 29 April from Bishopsgate police station wherein PC Thomas, 409CP, registers his name against front office clerk Claire Stevenson’s description of the guy’s behaviour as “intrusive” and “inappropriate”.)

Well, they shouldn’t bother coming back any time soon: as I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I was told yesterday morning in the canteen of Catholic Sisters of Mercy Dellow Day Centre that I should “lap dance for donations” (for more on the Dellow in particular, see blog of 14 May “Letter to Archbishop Vincent Nichols”).

Yesterday afternoon I posted to my Facebook wall an article from titled “Creation Museum’s attendance exceeds expectations”. The article is about the Kentucky Creation Museum, a $27 million, 70,000-square-foot “natural history museum-meets-Biblical theme park”. The posting was quite a hit, with many funny comments, the first being: “This is worse than any horror movie I’ve ever seen because it’s reality!” The article includes two videos which I can’t put here, but I found another one: