Sunday, July 26, 2009

We are interviewed on The Real Deal by Jim Fetzer

On 17 July, Declan and I were interviewed on “The Real Deal” with host NAC Honorary Associate Dr. Jim Fetzer. The interview is archived in the NAC website here. Dr. Fetzer, who is Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, funds the NAC website. He was also instrumental in putting us in contact with Belinda McKenzie, who has been kind enough to provide us with a roof over our heads in a time of need.

Basically, we are off the street. Dr. Fetzer was very concerned about the City of London Police using physical force to move me out of our sleeping pitch (see previous blog of the 12 July “Police threaten us with physical force at the place we sleep, Salters”) and he made some emergency phone calls. Within an hour of us returning to the sleeping pitch on the night of 13 July, a flat in London was found for us. Declan explains all in the interview and talks a lot about NAC and what we do.

The first hour of the show features Muad’Dib, who produced “7/7 Ripple Effect” (presented below), a documentary that calls into question the official version of events of 7/7 London. The entire 2-hour show or just the second hour with Declan and me can be heard by clicking on the NAC link provided above.

Of course we have plenty of challenges ahead and already we are dealing with one: internet access. For the last four days, I haven’t been able to access the internet from a laptop that has been lent to me. Windows “doesn’t detect problems with this connection”, which may explain why I am the only one in the entire house that can’t access the internet. I tried using the Repair Wireless Network Connection - nothing. Oh well!

As the fourth anniversary of the London bombings passes, families of the dead victims and an increasing number of 7/7 survivors claim there are inconsistencies and basic mistakes in the official accounts that need explanation. The survivors are so intent on an independent inquiry that they are now taking legal action in the High Court to try to force Home Secretary Alan Johnson to authorise it. This is Muad'Dib’s ground-breaking documentary: