Friday, June 21, 2013

Salters become more menacing where we sleep at night

Salters have surely been told they can no longer remain impartial as we try to break the illegal accommodation blockade on us. See blog of 17 June for an email on behalf of the Master of Salters Hall, Prof Sir John Holman (of the University of York), stating that our dispute is not with the Salters Company and it would be irresponsible of them to involve the Company with our position. Why on earth, then, would they turn their lights on at 4am in a mid-floor hallway and leave them on?

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At 6.30am, as we are leaving, the derelict highwalk is still deserted:
Despite that we have a deposit and one-months rent to offer a landlord, the Chief Executive of Broadway Homelessness and Support, Howard Sinclair, continues to deny us support accessing the private rented sector on the grounds that our previous accommodation was not within the square mile that is the City of London! This is Declan's email this morning to Commissioner Adrian Leppard on the City of London Police's maintenance of this accommodation blockade by continuing to refuse to ask Broadway to engage with us in relation to our welfare and access to their service for supporting clients to find alternative accommodation:
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I am still upset at the death of Michael Hastings on Tuesday. Hastings was working on a story about the CIA prior to his death, according to LA Weekly. Some people don't seem to want to believe that the US secret services could have assassinated him. But what is our crime? We are just trying to run a website that has the participation of 39 Nobel Prize winners, 13 US National Medal of Science winners and seven prominent members of the House of Lords, among a whole score of other distinguished scholars and intellectuals. Where's the criminality?