Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Charing Cross Hospital: Declan to write an open letter of complaint to the Secretary of State for Health

From Declan's updated complaint to the United Nations yesterday (paragraph 33):

33. ... The next morning, on 14 April, after providing the Metropolitan Police with a statement and photograph of the suspect, the Applicant attended Charing Cross Hospital and was diagnosed with asthma and a chest infection. He attended the Royal London Hospital the following night, the discharge summary stating: “Was assessed and advised to continue with current treatment, but if situation worsening to reattend as chest infection could worsen to pneumonia. If possible should try to find accommodation off the street.” Nonetheless, the following day, on 16 April, Haringey Council refused the Applicant temporary accommodation on the grounds that he did not have a priority need. Later that day, the Applicant requested a discharge summary from Charing Cross Hospital to ask for a review of the Council’s decision but was told by the head of the emergency department that not only would he have to wait at least two weeks for it, but he would have to pay £50 for information the Royal London Hospital issued immediately upon request and free of charge (see Annex 29, Charing Cross Hospital: Email re discharge summary, p. 77). Fortunately, the Applicant’s discharge summary from the Royal London Hospital also states: “Diagnosed with asthma and a concurrent chest infection on 14th April at first attendance to Charing Cross Hospital”. As a result, on 17 April, the Applicant was able to ask for a review of Haringey Council’s decision without a discharge summary from Charing Cross Hospital, but he has yet to learn whether he will be forced to submit an application to the High Court for a judicial review into the Council’s decision to refuse him temporary accommodation despite his particular circumstances and medical condition (see Annex 13, Haringey Council: Pre-action letter re temporary accommodation, pp. 36-39).