Thursday, November 13, 2014

Now the photo selected by Facebook is not the one that appears on Facebook

Part 1 (last night): The first Church and State article I cannot share on Facebook

Last night I couldn't share a new Church and State article on Facebook - there was no such problem with articles already published. This morning the photo selected by Facebook is not the one that appears on Facebook. I chose this article to illustrate the anomaly:

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I have been using Facebook for many years but have never encountered these sort of anomalies. We are however well used to losing Facebook shares, as Declan explains in paragraph 36 of his updated complaint to the United Nations under Article 19 (freedom of expression) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:
Paragraph 36 of Declan's updated complaint to the United Nations

36. The Church and State website has been removed from the Internet on five distinct occasions. For example, in May 2012, Just Host, the domain’s then registrar, changed the domain name server records without permission or authorisation and disabled the Applicant’s wife’s facility to correct these records herself (see Annex 30, Just Host: Complaint to European Commission, pp. 78-83). No sooner had the Applicant’s wife successfully transferred the domain name to SiteGround’s registrar on 8 June 2012, than, on 14 June 2012, the site was vandalised to such an extent that the Applicant’s wife was advised by the wordpress theme designers that she had no option but to scratch the theme she had been working with for over two years and start over with a new theme (see Annex 31, WordPress: Final exchange with theme designer, p. 84). The Chairman of N4CM, Dr Stephen D Mumford from North Carolina, US, has been funding the site since December 2010, and the domain since June 2012. Nonetheless, the site continues to be attacked; for example, the Applicant’s wife has posted blogs showing that articles throughout the Church and State website are regularly targeted, and this includes the reduction of Facebook share counts in every section of the site by anything up to 600 shares a time to date.

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