Thursday, February 16, 2017

This morning Newham Council notify us of the suspension of our Housing Benefit. Declan's one-day court hearing against St Mungo's is scheduled for Monday

County Court at Central London, Royal Courts of Justice

On Monday we have the hearing of Declan's case against the homeless charity St Mungo's at the Central London County Court in the Royal Courts of Justice. This morning we received notification from Newham Council that we have had our Housing Benefit suspended because of "information received from DWP", that they have recently been advised of a change in Declan's circumstances. There has been no change in our circumstances; moreover, we have had absolutely no dealings whatsoever with the Department of Work and Pensions for over three years!!

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Joseph McCabe (1867-1955), a former Franciscan monk who became one of the best-known champions and a prolific popularizer of freethought and rationalism in the first half of the 20th century, had this to say:

"The criticism of religion seems to be an unpopular job. I am, as more zealous and self-sacrificing purveyors of skepticism will assure you, really a timid and innocuous person, yet I have had my life threatened in Sydney and have been protected by friendly guns in Denver. I have heard ladies of Minneapolis regret that none had the courage to shoot me, and British Spiritualist clergymen have deplored in their journal 'Light,' that I have never yet had the horsewhipping which I have merited. Friends have rushed before me in the streets of London to protect me, they imagined, from a vitriol-thrower, and sailors have been bribed by clergymen of the southern seas to put my luggage ashore a thousand miles away from my destination. I have been forced by the pressure of the Catholic Church on a London publisher to tear up a literary contract worth at least twenty thousand dollars, and have had my books shamelessly misrepresented in the press and expelled, under menaces, from booksellers' shops. Insults, injuries, intrigues, lies, libels, vituperations, depreciations..."

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