Monday, April 20, 2009

Facebook disables FB friend Dan Abshear’s account

Yesterday morning Facebook friend Dan Abshear had to email his public relations contact for FB, Elliot Schrage,, after FB disabled his account for the second time within weeks for unknown reasons presented to him. He has lost his wall, which contained hundreds of links to articles relating to health care, plus over 800 friends. It is particularly concerning because FB seem quite determined to stop him from networking again. (Dan is not the only one to loose his account. A few days ago I discovered that another FB friend no longer has his account. And I very much doubt he went voluntarily.)

A couple of weeks ago, after I received one of several FB warnings and blocks for doing no more than sending a few friend requests (see, for example, blog of 9 April “Facebook warnings continue unabated”), FB friend Jussi Niemelä commented on my wall: “Shit, then FB account of a Finnish MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen of the liberal right-wing Coalition party was deleted a couple of weeks ago. They gave her no arguments, just deleted it. I myself am a member of the Green League, but a mere member of the ranks, so probably they’ll leave me alone. Please give me the link to your blog in case they delete your account here …” Jussi didn’t mind at all me quoting him on my wall yesterday, so I am sure it’s OK to do so again now.

Among other things, Dan is a staff author at (his articles are here). Dan’s profile in Brainblogger reads:

Mr. Abshear recently divorced himself from ‘big pharma’ after working for three of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world for over a decade. He continues to write primarily opinion pieces regarding what may be little known facts about the health care system - particularly the pharmaceutical industry, and his writings also include responses to the related writings of others as well on various internet sites. Before his pharmaceutical career, he was a patient caregiver for over a decade, which included being a medic (hospital corpsman) in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Dan also has a blog “Informaproject......Because Ignorance Sucks”, which is well respected. Dr Mark Meaney, CEO of The National Institute For Patient Rights, comments in respect of Dan’s writings: “Everyone should check out Dan Abshear’s post under the discussion board on patient/caregivers rights … and I mean everyone, i.e., patients, advocates, providers, reps, etc. It’s one of the most concise pieces on the topic I’ve ever read, born of experience.” Dan is also a supporter of embryonic stem cell research (see, for example, his blog dated 28 March “The Amazing Medical Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy”).

For Dan it’s more the issue of blocking accounts here than the loss of his own. He points out that he is not a FB addict, but he will insist that those who run FB do not take an authoritarian stance in such a manner. This is the email Dan sent to Schrage yesterday (it will also appear in the group that has been set up to stop FB banning me “Support Lola Heavey - Stop Facebook Banning Her” at

Subject: Censorship


For the second time within weeks, Facebook has disabled my account with your site for unknown reasons presented to me.

The simple lack of response from Facebook when asked about this should be of concern to you. These events have allowed me to consider seeking the public opinion of others regarding this matter, and your infantile communication skills you are demonstrating being a social network site. The article I will compose regarding this situation will be most interesting to the readers.

Since no etiology has been stated by facebook for disabling my account on facebook, I can speculate that this is a form of internet censorship - limiting my right to free speech. If so, you are violating my human rights.

You will reactivate my facebook account within 24 hours of the sending this message to you. This would be in your best interest. You will email me once this is done,

Daniel Abshear
Phone: ------------
Email: ------------