Saturday, January 14, 2012

Am I now going to lose my Jobseeker's Allowance?

Belinda McKenzie is a human rights activist and our live-in landlady. On Thursday we had the police in our flat following Belinda's written threat to withdraw all our services from 26 January and have us physically removed from our (roof) flat with the help of her Polish builder (crime reference no: 2800668/12). Declan has just received this email of reply from Haringey Borough Commander Sandra Looby on the matter:

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This is the extract from the email we received from Belinda last night, in which she clarifies that her Polish builder won't beat us up, he will just dismantle our bathroom and kitchen and help us pack our bags:
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Declan has had to request separate 'sign on' times from the manager of our jobcentre, Highgate Jobcentre Plus, so that one of us can be in the flat from now on. The manager, Clodagh Hargadon, would only agree to split us on 26 January, meaning I may be forced off Jobseeker's Allowance and we will have to survive on almost nothing. This is the Polish builder who is going to help me pack my bags:
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I have never heard of anyone into so many issues as Belinda. She has even been involved with the Iranian community here in London for more than 20 years. And of course she had MI5 whistleblower David Shayler living for a couple of years in one of the rooms below us, until 2007 more or less. It is unfortunate that Shayler then declared that he was the Messiah, became a squatter and was ridiculed in the press for changing his name to Delores Kane (see previous blog for some stunning photos of Shayler).

Human rights activist Belinda McKenzie speaking at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse, 4 June 2011, Trafalgar Square