Saturday, March 17, 2012

Royal Bank of Scotland Group CEO Stephen Hester requests "a full briefing" from NatWest Bank

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Declan has been trying to open an account for N4CM with NatWest (of the Royal Bank of Scotland), but with no success. On 1 March our chairman Dr Stephen Mumford sent to NatWest, Archway branch by registered mail the three notarized documents proving his identity that the bank had requested in support of a business account, notwithstanding that Companies House had already accepted Dr Mumford's proofs of identity and registered him as a director of N4CM. According to the United States Postal Service above, this letter was delivered and signed for last Tuesday. However, the branch is adamant that the letter was not delivered to the bank and has suggested Dr Mumford resends the documents. Yesterday Royal Bank of Scotland Group CEO Stephen Hester's Office requested "a full briefing" from those involved:
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We have launched a funding campaign at IndieGoGo, where we explain - in the pitch video and in writing - that at the end of the campaign, IndieGoGo will lodge all contributions to Dr Mumford's bank account in North Carolina so contributors can be assured that every dollar donated will be put to good use. However, how can we promote this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, etc. if Dr Mumford cannot lodge monies to an account for N4CM but has to use Declan's personal account with NatWest? In 2007, having been forced to live rough on the streets of London, we went to some atheist forums asking people for small donations. Within no time at all, N4CM associates were contacted by a couple of people because we were asking for donations whilst not registered as a company!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We lose total access to the internet

Our live-in landlady, human rights activist Belinda McKenzie, has served us via a firm of solicitors with a notice requiring possession of our flat by 26 March, yet our internet connectivity is getting worse! In fact, I wonder if Belinda is in the process of carrying out her written threat of 13 January to "cut off the internet altogether" (see here). On 2 March I emailed this firm of solicitors, Kidd Rapinet, explaining that (a) we had no internet via Belinda's BT router/access point "McKenzie-1", (b) we continued to have difficulty connecting to "Guest" via the Virgin router/access point located in the room below us, to which we are connected via a cable, and (c) we were only able to wirelessly connect to the router underneath us but the speed was rarely adequate. The thread deals with a lot more besides:

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We are still waiting for a response to Declan's open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron enquiring if a warrant has been obtained for this property, which the Home Office will neither confirm nor deny (see blog of 25 January Property Warrant: Open Letter to the Prime Minister; this blog contains stunning photographs of neutralized MI5 whistleblower David Shayler who lived for a couple of years in one of the rooms below us, until 2007).
No internet via "McKenzie-1" (click to enlarge)
No internet via "Guest" (click to enlarge)
No internet via "virginmedia5432697" (click to enlarge)