Monday, April 23, 2012

We lose all access to the internet

It seems our difficulties accessing the internet have escalated, despite internet being very much a part of our out-of-date tenancy agreement that is legally still in force. Following the recent claim for accelerated possession of our flat by our live-in landlady, human rights activist Belinda McKenzie, this is what we told the Court last week in our defence relating to internet connectivity (see Additional Information, para. 4):

The claimant is knowingly misleading the Court by stating that the defendants have showed no signs of leaving the house. Despite losing access to the internet for six weeks from 4 July 2011 and for two weeks in November 2011, and having inadequate and disrupted access throughout this period to this day, the defendants created a Survival Appeal Pledge Scheme for their Network for Church Monitoring (N4CM) at However, lack of internet access through wireless connection devastated this scheme and the defendants were forced to write to the claimant to take her up on her written offer to allow them to stay in their flat for an extra two months, which she then reneged on (see copy of the defendants’ email dated 5 January 2012 on this reneging in Supporting Documents, pp. 13-15).

Since Belinda withdrew her claim last Friday due to the "wrong information" she admits she provided the Court (see the previous blog Declan reports Kidd Rapinet to the Solicitors Regulation Authority), we have been reduced to “Guest”, the Virgin router/access point located in the room below us and to which we are connected via a cable (see blog here). When we are disconnected from “Guest”, we now lose all access to the internet.
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On Saturday Belinda threatened that unless we have our Housing Benefit terminated on 26 July, she will have her solicitors do it for us. In the same email she also threatened that unless we do this ourselves, and copy her into the letter, she will not permit/provide an internet hub in our flat. These threats are strange, especially since Belinda recently started up a group called the Association of McKenzie Friends - a McKenzie friend is a lay legal advisor assisting litigants in person.

First meeting of the Association of McKenzie Friends, Westminster, with John Hemming MP for Birmingham, featuring Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill.

On the N4CM About page, I provide a link to the blog Declan lodges our defence to Possession Order. In addition to the defence Declan lodged with the court, this blog also contains some stunning photographs of MI5 whistleblower David Shayler who lived in one of the rooms below us for a couple of years, until 2007. This photograph was published by the Daily Mail in 2009:

Former MI5 whistleblower David Shayler after he was evicted from Hackhurst Farm on 20 August 2009.