Tuesday, June 19, 2012

N4CM website navigation menu vandalised: Mission and Honorary Associates pages in About inaccessible

The N4CM website has been vandalised, this time with such intent that not even the developers of the WordPress theme I am using can get around it! As the snapshot below from Google shows, on 29 May it was possible to access the N4CM "Mission" and "Honorary Associates" pages in "About". Now "About" shows no sub-pages, and the same applies to "What we do", "Stay connected", "Media" and "Authors".

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Click here to view the "Honorary Associates" page.

As the final exchange with one of my wordpress theme designers below shows, if I want a navigation menu that works, I am left with no option but to scratch all the work I have done with the theme I've got and begin over with their latest. And worse, I am going to have to use the theme's forum again to ask questions and it could take days before I am given the various codes I need to re-implement customizations. Great!
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This is also the first time since I started up on Facebook some five years ago that I have been warned for sharing an article because of its alleged "abusive" content. The article is actually brilliant, well documented and footnoted. I am now concerned that the next time I share an article on Facebook my account will be barred again or, worse, permanently disabled. Facebook never bothered to reply to Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone the last time I was barred (see blog of 30 November 2011 I am prevented from sharing new articles on Facebook).
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Click here to view the article on the N4CM website.