Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Church and State website under attack

It's not good enough to put us to the street. Now our Church and State website is under attack, and I don't know the extent of the damage. For example, The Catholic Church and Sex, which has been shared on Facebook 527 times, cannot be shared now; unless someone wants to share it without a title or description:

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On 19 March 2013, there was no such problem:
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And we can no longer make cheap calls to the United States from our Orange mobile phones, although the offers for the network we are using remain in force.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Assault on our internet access continues unabated ... and our phones are cut

In the previous blog, I published Declan's complaint last Sunday to the head of the City of London Police Commissioner Adrian Leppard against Broadway Homelessness and Support. Broadway CEO Howard Sinclair has denied us this charity's service in relation to finding alternative accommodation despite recently winning the £5 million two-year contract to take on the Mayor of London’s No Second Night Out project, which aims to prevent any new rough sleeper spending a second night on the streets. As Declan wrote to Commissioner Leppard, we are looking for a human rights solicitor to write to Sinclair and a journalist who might be interested in this story. However, it doesn't matter where we go, our internet connection continues be squeezed to such an extent that I can seldom even get a page to load. We have also just had our facility to make cheap calls to the US cut - for the second time in as many weeks.

We can't but be concerned about our safety with little or no access to the internet and our mobile phones targeted. Hopefully, we will make contact with someone who will write something for the internet before one of us is seriously injured. This screenshot was taken today and comes from Bishopsgate Library on Liverpool Street:

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This screenshot was taken yesterday and comes from one of McDonald's better establishments at Bank:
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Declan can't even go to a public library without being threatened. I took this photograph on Sunday in one of London's largest libraries, the Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham:
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Declan's recent complaint to the United Nations can be read here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Broadway Homelessness and Support: Complaint to the head of the City of London Police

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Former MI5 whistleblower David Shayler after he was evicted from Hackhurst Farm on 20 August 2009

Human rights activist Belinda McKenzie speaking at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse, 4 June 2011, Trafalgar Square

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now we cannot get emails through to national newspapers

Declan's recent complaint to the United Nations explaining the draconian and excessive persecution we are facing as result of our activism missed the latest twist: now we can't get an email through to a national newspaper about this story. We have just attempted to get the email below to the national news editor in The Guardian. When Declan phoned to ask if it had been received, he was told that it hadn't. With the journalist still on the line, Declan sent the email again and then to the journalist herself, but neither was received. We have been dealing with the interception of our emails for years, but never has Declan tried to send an email twice with the recipient on the line without the email having been received.

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So now we have hardly any access to the internet and our emails to journalists are being sabotaged. What's next?