Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now we cannot get emails through to national newspapers

Declan's recent complaint to the United Nations explaining the draconian and excessive persecution we are facing as result of our activism missed the latest twist: now we can't get an email through to a national newspaper about this story. We have just attempted to get the email below to the national news editor in The Guardian. When Declan phoned to ask if it had been received, he was told that it hadn't. With the journalist still on the line, Declan sent the email again and then to the journalist herself, but neither was received. We have been dealing with the interception of our emails for years, but never has Declan tried to send an email twice with the recipient on the line without the email having been received.

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So now we have hardly any access to the internet and our emails to journalists are being sabotaged. What's next?