Monday, June 17, 2013

Salters threaten us where we are sleep at night

Prof Sir John Holman is current Master of Salters Hall. He is the former director of the National Science Learning Centre (the UK government's top post in science education) and senior education advisor for the Wellcome Trust.

For the last two months we have been sleeping at the back of Salters Hall on a derelict St Alphage Highwalk, and Salters have remained impartial as we try to break the accommodation blockade we are up against (see yesterday's blog for Declan's email to the Home Secretary under the subject title of "City of London Police's refusal to break accommodation blockade"). In fact, last month we received an email on behalf of Prof Sir John Holman, the Master of the Salters Company, wishing us success in finding suitable accommodation:
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However, it seems that Salters have received an instruction to get involved after Declan's email to the Home Secretary yesterday. When we got up this morning at our usual time of 6.15am, the lights in the mid-floor hallway were fully on and some guy was mopping the floor inside the glass doors. Normally, the building is as black as night at 6.15am and we see no-one in it before we are well gone by 7.40am. I had my phone in a bag so I missed the occurrence. This is a few minutes later and as the photo shows we must surely be the neatest homeless in London!
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Some guy mopping at the early hours of the morning may not mean much to somebody else, but we know exactly where this is heading. As Declan explains in paragraph 19 of his recent complaint to the United Nations, we were previously forced to live on the streets of London for more than 2 1/2 years - from 3 November 2006 to 13 July 2009. We slept at Salters Hall for the last year of this period: for the first four months about twenty paces from the front door, down some twelve steps; for the rest of time, at the back of the building where we are now. Several times we were hosed out in the morning when we were at the front of the building (see blog of 5 June 2009 Salters back in the spotlight). Of course, then I didn't have a camera or a smartphone....

I'm not surprised at all that Julian Assange is hauled up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Knightsbridge and Edward Snowden cannot travel to the UK. This is the way things are done in this part of the world. What really amazes me is that no structure exists to help activists fight back.