Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Salters' efforts to deprive us of sleep continues unabated

On 16 September our sleeping pitch on a derelict St Alphage Highwalk at the back of Salters' Hall was fenced off and we were forced to go to the front of the building. Since moving down, we have been graced in the early hours of every week-day morning with sleep deprivation by Salters' cleaners (see blog of 18 September Now it's sleep deprivation). For the story behind this criminal intelligence report, see blog of 23 September The Salters’ Company: Declan visits the police station following another hosing:

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Declan is updating his complaint to the UN to show that a month after eviction from our flat on 14 March we were forced back onto the streets, where the accommodation blockade against us continues - for instance, as Declan reveals in paragraph 27, Broadway Homelessness and Support, which has charitable responsibility for us as rough sleepers within its catchment area, is denying us support to access the private rented sector. Paragraph 30, relating to sleep deprivation and hosings, reads:
On 16 September 2013, the applicant and his wife returned to their sleeping pitch to find that it had been fenced off. Accordingly, they have been forced to sleep at the front of the Salters’ building below street level, where they are subjected to anything up to two hours of sleep deprivation by cleaners in the early hours of every week-day morning, and threatened with hosings that have already been applied (see N4CM blog of 23 September 2013, “The Salters’ Company: Declan visits the police station following another hosing”). The Salters’ Company, one of the most respected champions of improvements in science education in the UK, in reply to an email the applicant sent to the Master of the Company Prof Sir John Holman from the University of York, stated on 24 May 2013: “[W]e are not in a position to take any action on your behalf and therefore please do not expect any further responses to any further communications from you. I wish you success in finding suitable accommodation in due course” (see Annex 24: City of London Police: Reply from the Salters’ Company, p. 59). The applicant and his wife are deeply concerned that one or both of them may have to sign off the applicant’s joint claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance due to sleep deprivation and the threat or further application of hosings which may render the demands of any new jobseeker’s agreement by Department for Work and Pensions impossible to fulfil through no fault of their own.

As Declan explains in this application he lodged with the High Court on 29 August against the Commissioner of Police for the City of London Adrian Leppard and Home Secretary Theresa May, we have been experiencing this accommodation blockade through surveillance for over a year now:

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