Monday, December 16, 2013

Security orders us out of shelter from the rain

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This make-shift shelter is less than two minutes from where we sleep at night and beside a little park where we usually sit prior to making our way to our sleeping pitch. For over eight months, we have never had a problem using this shelter to stand in out of the rain. Until last night, that is!

We had no sooner stepped inside than a security guard came out of nowhere and ordered us out. He then stood there with his arms folded until we had stepped out into the torrential rain. His behaviour was so irrational and disproportionate that I have no doubt that this was the police's way of telling us that tonight we are going to be fenced out of our sleeping pitch, and that we can fully expect to be hunted down and ordered out of wherever we attempt to bed down (see blog of 4 December, "Salters tell us they will fence us out in two weeks' time").

We take this threat very seriously, and I am fully prepared for my arrest tonight for want of anywhere to sleep. British Police have a reputation for brutality. Only last week, London students took to the streets to rage against police violence in a 'cops off campus' demonstration.
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