Monday, March 10, 2014

Declan emails the chairman of West London Churches Homeless Concern after being kicked awake twice in the middle of the night

Since 7 January, we have been bedding down with 35 other rough sleepers in a rolling winter night shelter programme run by the West London Churches Homeless Concern (WLCHC). Women sleep separately, so I didn't learn about Declan's troubles last night until early this morning. He was twice kicked awake by another rough sleeper, and more besides. This is his email this morning to the chairman of WLCHC on health and safety grounds:

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Paragraph 30 from Declan's complaint last month to the United Nations includes the Single Homeless Project’s recent offer of flat that seems to me pie in the sky. Once the WLCHC programme closes on 10 April, we are almost certainly facing incarceration for rough sleeping in the Barbican estate, which is owned by the City of London (public property), for want of a place to safely sleep following the fencing off of our previous sleeping pitch in December 2013. But of course, before we are arrested we are looking at some form of violent attack (see blog of 1 January, "Declan calls into Bishopsgate Police Station for a crime intel report").

On 29 August 2013 Declan lodged a claim in the High Court for a judicial review against Commissioner of Police for the City of London Adrian Leppard and Home Secretary Theresa May, following the refusal of the former to ask Broadway Homelessness and Support to help us find accommodation in the private rented sector. Seven months later we are still waiting to hear back from the Court. This is a PDF of the claim form Declan lodged with the Court last August: