Monday, May 12, 2014

Declan's case against Haringey Council for refusal of temporary accommodation filed in the High Court

Not only have we been sleeping in night buses since I was threatened by two City of London Police officers with arrest on 22 April for rough sleeping, but Declan was diagnosed on 14 April with asthma and chest infection. In fact, Declan has been using a reliever inhaler several times a day and particularly during the night for over two weeks now, which is concerning us both. Yet Haringey Council continues to refuse us a review of their decision of 16 April not to provide us with temporary accommodation. Declan lodged this case against the Council in the High Court this morning:

Additional request for urgent consideration:

This is Declan a couple of nights ago while we were waiting around 4am for a night bus to hopefully get 40-50 minutes sleep:

And here in the foreground is one of the two police officers who threatened me on the night of 22 April with an arrest on the trumped-up charge of assaulting a police officer:
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So much then for Deputy High Court Judge Bidder's "alternative remedies" to prevent us from becoming street homeless again on 14 April:
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