Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Complaint to the chairman of British Telecom re denial of service

We moved into a Family Mosaic Housing Association (Rough Sleepers Initiative) flat on 15 May. More about this in the next blog because it appears to me that we are not supposed to have a flat at all. We have no water, gas or furniture... there wasn't even a spoon! According to British Telecom's website, our four-flat block is also the ONLY property on the entire street that is not eligible for fibre optic broadband. We have a long-standing history with internet-based services (see, for example, blog of 14 December 2012, "We lose home access to the Internet"), so this is Declan's email this morning to our Single Homeless Project housing officer regarding BT's denial of service, which Declan has copied to BT Chairman Sir Michael Rake:

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Internet access has always been a huge problem for us. For example, for months on end I could hardly do any work at all in Southwark Council's flagship John Harvard Library (see blog of 31 March, "Want to download a YouTube song from Southwark Council's John Harvard Library? Wait for an hour!!"). On 8 May, I actually recorded a video: