Friday, May 08, 2015

Declan is vindicated in court and wins £750 in damages from the Single Homeless Project

Part 1 (6 May 2015): High Court Pe-Action Letter: Principal Solicitor for the Mayor of London's Greater London Authority threatens us with eviction by falsely accusing us of refusing support

Heavey v Single Homeless Project

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Paragraph 37 of Declan's updated complaint to the United Nations

37. Furthermore, on 31 July 2014, the SHP sought the Applicant's signature on a support plan that stated that both his wife's blog (at and their Church and State website (at appear "to demonstrate" their thinking, that they "appear very grandiose" in their thinking, and that they both "demonstrate symptoms of mental ill health". This support plan was subsequently withdrawn; however, under the programme that the Applicant and his wife have been referred to by GLA Housing First, they would have faced eviction for non-compliance with such a support plan, thus adding further weight to their argument that the upholding of this referral by the Principal Solicitor of the GLA is unlawful. In fact, so intent was the SHP to hold these and other allegations against the Applicant and his wife, that the Applicant lodged a claim against the homelessness charity on 12 September 2014 before the County Court at Central London, challenging under the Data Protection Act 1998 the charity's claim that he and his wife consented to declarations for online referral that they were paying their own salaries as employees of N4CM and that they were both mentally ill. At a hearing of the case on 8 May 2015, the Court declared that SHP had acted unlawfully under the Act and ordered them to pay court costs and damages to the Applicant of £750. The Court took into account a strong rebuttal of SHP's financial and mental health accusations by N4CM Chairman Dr Stephen Mumford, founder and President of the Center for Research on Population and Security in North Carolina, USA. Dr Mumford attached with his mental health rebuttal of 15 August 2014 two of the Applicant and his wife's references for second jobs in care, one of which was written by a Harvard educated MD (then) based in London, stating:

I personally know Declan and Lola Heavey. I can, in good faith, recommend them as caregivers to an elderly person in need. If they were offered such a position, I am confident that they would carry it out with more than the usual commitment and care.

Related Post (28 December 2014): Heavey v Single Homeless Project: Will the Central London County Court rule we consented to declarations for online referral that we are paying our own salaries and that we are both mentally ill, and despite our photographic evidence to the contrary?

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