Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Church and State website is down for the third time (WITH UPDATES)

Part 1 (17 April 2015): SITEGROUND UPGRADE: Our Church and State website is down from the internet (WITH UPDATES)

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We lost our Church and State website on 23 April, but fortunately, it was our American web host SiteGround's Varnish caching service that was the culprit so we recovered it quickly. Six days before, on 17 April, SiteGround blamed our WordPress database, which then corrected itself. Now SiteGround is blaming high traffic towards the server and a corrupt WordPress theme script for intermittent outages we have been experiencing since Saturday morning. This means we now have to buy and customize another theme for the site, that is on top of having to file an action against the Greater London Authority in the High Court in order to protect our tenancy.

According to Google Analytics, and despite all the outages, this article alone brought over 100,000 people to our site over the last few days:

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UPDATE 1 (20 May 2015, 8.50am): Our website has been down since 6.30pm yesterday evening. I ask SiteGround to tell us when we can expect to be able to access our site and phpMyAdmin. This note appears on our Support tab: "The server that hosts your account is experiencing problems at this moment. We kindly ask you not to submit tickets regarding the status of your website until we fix it." Our Support tab as it looks at the moment:

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UPDATE 2 (20 May 2015, 11.26am): Following the restoration of our site, SiteGround asks us to bear in mind that they "perform regular maintenance related to software updates". I write back asking them if they could remove from our Support tab the note above stating that there are problems with the server, as it would appear from their response to be no longer applicable.

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If you would like to help us personally, please feel free to pick up one of our books (shameless plug, I know, but every sale helps us to work our way out of our precarious situation). There is currently five books available in Church and State Press here, and all proceeds from the first four of these books go to us with the authors' permission. Thank you all for all the support you have given us, and I hope we can keep our Church and State website going despite the constant threats.