Monday, June 01, 2015

Threat to life: This is what the Greater London Authority writes when they have no evidence or arguments to uphold our unlawful removal from the Mayor of London's Housing First Programme

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Part 1 (6 May 2015): High Court Pre-Action Letter: Principal Solicitor for the Mayor of London's Greater London Authority threatens us with eviction by falsely accusing us of refusing support

We have just received the scanned letter below in an email from Greater London Authority (GLA) Principal Solicitor Anna Condliffe. She writes that she will not be responding to Declan's pre-action letter dated 6 May, and that if we pursue our claim further, she will seek costs against us. So we are left with no choice but to file a judicial review claim against the GLA, challenging in the High Court the lawfulness of the Authority's decision of 23 March to uphold our removal from the Mayor of London's GLA Housing First Programme without a "secure exit plan"; we will also be seeking punitive damages for this solicitor's failure to comply with her discovery obligations by not providing us with any evidence whatsoever to indicate that GLA Housing First has ended and will not be continued. The only alternative for us would be to face possible eviction from our home (a threat to life), as Declan explains in his pre-action letter but the GLA seems to dismiss here as totally inconsequential:

Heavey v Greater London Authority by Lola Heavey

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