Wednesday, August 19, 2015

County Court Action (Greater London Authority). On and off access to our website for a fourth day in row

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

On and off access to our Church and State website kicked off on Sunday before I posted the excerpt in my previous blog post from a claim we are working on against the Mayor of London's Greater London Authority (GLA) for depriving Declan of his statutory right of review and appeal in respect of its decision to effectively terminate our eligibility for our flat. We could access the site for some time yesterday without doing anything, and today until this evening.

We suspect this latest website attack, spanning four days now, is connected not only to our claim against the GLA for the Central London County Court, but also a serious breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 by the Mayor of London's Clearing House service, which is holding onto court-discredited data stating that Declan and I are paying our own salaries as employees of Network for Church Monitoring and that we are both mentally ill. The Clearing House only has until the end of next week to comply with our subject access request for personal information they hold about us on their database, so Declan is considering lodging his claim against the GLA in the Central London County Court office on Monday week rather than this coming Friday morning.

As for our access to Church and State, tomorrow I am starting work on an e-book about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. I had hoped to be working on our first newsletter tomorrow but that will have to be put on hold until September. We expect nothing but problems accessing our website until the Clearing House has either complied or failed to comply with our subject access request. Either way, our lawsuit against the GLA for effectively condemning us to a life of homelessness without review or appeal will be greatly strengthened. I am also thrilled about the prospect of waking up to Margaret Sanger's writings tomorrow morning. Our September newsletter will also be far better than our August newsletter would have been, so I almost feel grateful to the Clearing House this evening!

I have reposted this blog several times over the last four days with various content. When we tried accessing our site, this is what we were getting on and off on a regular basis from Sunday morning through to Monday night:

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And this is what we were getting last night and has started up again this evening (5.32pm):

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Citizenfour Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Edward Snowden Documentary HD


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