Sunday, August 16, 2015

Declan's claim against the Mayor of London's Greater London Authority will be ready to lodge in the Central London County Court office later this week (EXCERPT)

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Part 1 (18 July 2015): Lawsuit for a lower court: The Mayor of London's GLA deprives Declan of his statutory right of review and appeal in respect of its decision to effectively terminate our eligibility for our flat but seeks its costs from the High Court

Heavey v Greater London Authority

In the Central London County Court

Brief details of claim

The Claimant challenges the Defendant for depriving him of his right of review in respect of its decision to refer him and his wife from the Mayor of London’s Housing First programme to the Mayor’s Clearing House programme (the “referral decision”), thereby terminating their eligibility for their flat because they are able to live independently. On 12 August 2015 the High Court refused the Claimant permission to apply for Judicial Review, principally because his Claim Form was not filed within 3 months after the grounds to make the claim arose on 4 September 2014. It is evident from the email the Claimant received on 4 September 2014, judicial review pre-action correspondence and the Defendant’s Grounds of Defence (in particular paragraph 13) that the Claimant has been repeatedly deprived of his right of review, and that the Defendant has not properly considered the impact of the referral decision on his family life. It has not taken into account the Claimant and his wife’s needs and vulnerable position as rough sleepers for almost 4 years in total. The Claimant is therefore making an application to the Court for a declaration that the Defendant has acted unlawfully and an order that it reviews the referral decision and provides the Claimant with the opportunity to appeal to an independent tribunal if he is not satisfied with the outcome.


The Claimant expects to recover damages for distress of not more than £1,000.

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