Thursday, December 03, 2015

Facebook: Declan writes to our local Member of Parliament to try to get answers (WITH UPDATE)

Part 1 (two days ago): I appeal Facebook blocking me from posting to groups until 8 December without reason (WITH UPDATE)

Part 2 (yesterday): Facebook: Declan may be forced to write to our local Member of Parliament (MP) to try to get answers

Facebook has blocked me from posting to groups, removed every posting I have ever made to groups since I joined Facebook in 2010, and extended their block; all without any stated reason. To quote a friend in Washington DC: "Important that this matter be investigated as it represents an arrogance which should not be tolerated." This is Declan's email this morning to our local Member of Parliament (MP), Shadow Communities Minister Lyn Brown.

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This past hour on his Vodafone smartphone Declan has received three missed calls from a private number and two messages from Lyn Brown's office asking him to phone back. Not once have we heard the phone ring and it has been sitting (switched on) on Declan's desk all morning!! Declan has left three messages for the caller but has yet to get to speak with him.

Samsung Galaxy S3

UPDATE (12.10pm): Declan has just spoken with Lyn Brown's assistant. He assured Declan that Ms Brown would write to Facebook and get back to us in the next few days.