Friday, December 04, 2015

Facebook: Declan's communication with the Citizens Advice Consumer Service blocked?

Yesterday when Declan telephoned the Citizens Advice Consumer Service he got through to what sounded like a contract lawyer straight away. Today it has taken over two hours to receive a message from them asking him to phone back. Yesterday this sort of thing took up half Declan's morning:

From my first blog post yesterday

Facebook: Declan writes to our local Member of Parliament to try to get answers (WITH UPDATE)

"This past hour on his Vodafone smartphone Declan has received three missed calls from a private number and two messages from [Shadow Communities Minister] Lyn Brown's office asking him to phone back. Not once have we heard the phone ring and it has been sitting (switched on) on Declan's desk all morning!! Declan has left three messages for the caller but has yet to get to speak with him."

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