Thursday, May 26, 2016

Financial Ombudsman Concern - The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc. Case No: 1812-7596/RY/CD10

With reference to RBS's response below, my business email address has always been and therefore did not require updating or necessitate the change of details alert I received on 9 May 2016. Further, the alert failed to identify who made the alleged change to my email address, thereby raising the serious concern that I could have been dealing with a hacker or other threat.

- Excerpt from Declan's formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman concerning the Royal Bank of Scotland (incorporating NatWest Bank)

It has been a rough three weeks since I attended Newham's Volunteers' induction workshop on 4 May. I had no sooner returned from the workshop that afternoon than I lost access to the internet on my laptop into the next day (see here). This was followed after midnight by the unprecedented vandalization of this blog (see here and here). A few days later I came across in a gmail folder the bank alert below suggesting that Declan's N4CM bank account had been hacked (see here), which was followed last week by our loss of access to our Church and State website (see here). Last night Facebook issued me with a three-day block for the second time in six days (see previous blog post). And since 9 May I have been waiting to hear about a long-term volunteer position in a local community centre run by Newham Council. What's next?

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The removal of our flat door in 2012 pales into insignificance when compared to the concern the alert above caused.
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I never posted that "Line of Duty" graphic on 4 May.

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