Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Will a Newham councillor take up Declan's complaint against Active Newham for unfair treatment?

We have had a rough time of it since I attended Active Newham's volunteer induction workshop almost two months ago, on 4 May. Active Newham is commissioned by Newham Council to deliver leisure, sports and volunteering opportunities in Newham.

I had no sooner returned from the workshop that afternoon than I lost access to the internet on my laptop into the next day (see here). This was followed after midnight by the unprecedented vandalization of this blog (see here and here). A few days later I came across in a gmail folder the bank alert below suggesting that Declan's N4CM bank account had been hacked (see here), which was followed by our loss of access to our Church and State website (see here). On 25 May Facebook issued me with a three-day block for the second time in six days (see here). And all this has been trumped by the Greater London Authority-commissioned St Mungo's blatantly flaunting the Data Protection Act against us week in week out since we met its TST Service Development Manager Kathleen Sims at our home on 22 April (see previous blog post, Heavey v St Mungo's: Filed at Central London County Court on 4 July 2016).

I finally secured a long-term volunteer position two weeks ago but Declan hasn't been so lucky. Four weeks ago, he lodged a complaint with Newham Council's Corporate Complaints Department against Active Newham's Volunteer Service for unfair treatment. All the indications from his dealings with Active Newham since are that he will have to escalate his complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman in the next few weeks, if a Newham councillor is unwilling to take up his case. This is Declan's complaint of 8 June that the Council's Corporate Services has yet to even acknowledge receiving:

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Who would have thought it would be so difficult for one's husband to offer his befriending services for free in his local community?

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The removal of our flat door in 2012 pales into insignificance when compared to the concern the alert above caused.
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