Monday, July 25, 2016

Complaint to Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales: Newham Council stonewalls Declan despite our local councillor's support for his complaint against Active Newham for unfair treatment

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Why would Declan be prevented from offering his befriending services for free in our local community if it wasn't because he is part-time employed as the managing director of Network for Church Monitoring? Last Wednesday he attended a meeting with three senior members of Newham Council staff. It was explained to him that the previous email he received from the Council was not intended to undermine our local councillor's support for his complaint against Active Newham for unfair treatment, and that they would issue a further email the next day.

The Council will not allow me to publish their emails but their second email is a stonewall that would put pay to Declan's second job aspirations if he were not now thinking the Local Government Ombudsman with this email of complaint to (Labour) Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales:

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