Tuesday, February 07, 2017

In an unprecedented attack all our formating work on 115 footnotes has been undone prior to the publication of a 36-page book excerpt on our Church and State website

UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)

Unbelievable! This attack involved more than breaking the formatting Declan and I had produced on 115 footnotes to a 36-page book excerpt. It also involved the vandalisation of the text; for example not just breaking 75% of the italics but also the gross misspelling of words that had been previously saved and proofed in preview. This is the excerpt from a book by Prof Paul Cliteur that was so royally targeted last night prior to its publication on Church and State:

Self-Defence And Terrorism by Paul Cliteur

Prof Cliteur is Professor of Jurisprudence, Leiden University (the Netherlands) and one of our 90 Honorary Associates. We are immensely proud of our Paul Cliteur category, which we are currently developing. It is my intention to add another two articles to the category this week. Prof Cliteur's material is seriously informative for anyone concerned about liberal democracy in the 21st century. Simply outstanding!

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I have just updated my blog post of 16 January, The blocks on access to our Church and State website continue unabated (WITH UPDATE 7/2/2017). I updated the blog post with this morning's 146th block on access to our Church and State website since 26 July 2016 (the graphic below is on US time). Last Saturday access to the site was blocked an unprecedented seven times.

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Latest block on access to our website: 12.11am

At the moment Church and State's category pages are also under serious attack. Declan has just checked and hardly a category page is showing a full complement of Facebook likes/shares. We are well familiar with this particular attack. I posted this graphic two weeks ago (the third article below has 1/2 million social recommends):

Cardinal Burke: Gay couples shouldn’t be invited to family gatherings if children are present

500.3K social recommends

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