Monday, May 22, 2017

British Telecom: We pay BT £65.53 per month but Declan is told that there is nothing they can do about the bad TV reception we have been accustomed to getting of late (WITH UPDATE - Day 3 24/5/2017)

UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)

It's not just our Church and State website that's under attack (71 blocks on public access to the site this month; 16 blocks last week; 5 blocks so far today) despite the fact that a leading web hosting provider, SiteGround, is paid $1,000 per year to host our site and manage the server. Tonight Declan phoned British Telecom Technical Support about the bad TV reception we have been accustomed to getting of late. BT is one of the world's leading communications services companies. Because our TV signal came through when the technical advisor took the call, Declan was told to monitor the situation for two days and get back to them if necessary. There was nothing they could do, he was told, when the signal was good enough on their end. Last night Declan was enjoying a Sunday night film with Sean Penn, that is, until the last twenty minutes of the film was scrambled! This is what the TV looked like when Declan made the call to BT Technical Support tonight:

DAY 2 UPDATE 23 May (12.20pm): Declan twice called BT Technical Support this morning about the problems we were experiencing watching Breaking News (about the Manchester bombing) on BBC 1 through our BT YouView box. It is not inconceivable that the YouView box we are paying BT good money for is no longer of much use to us, unless of course we intend spending time we do not have dealing with BT on a daily basis. This we obviously have no intention of doing, so we are now running the TV on Freeview using the outside aerial. We have been receiving the breaking news item on BBC 1 without reception problems; in fact, the signal on all the Freeview channels is better than we have ever had through our BT YouView box. A third BT technical advisor has just arranged an engineer visit for tomorrow afternoon. It remains to be seen what, if anything, this engineer will be able to do about the intermittent TV reception we have been receiving of late through our YouView box despite the good money we are paying for BT Infinity broadband (£786.36 per year).

DAY 3 UPDATE 24 May (4.05pm): We are still waiting for that engineer visit. Yesterday British Telecom informed Declan that he will be charged £129.99 on his next BT bill if this engineer reports that our fault has nothing to do with their network but is the result of our home wiring, fault with our equipment or their network has been damaged within the boundary of our property (this is quoting verbatim from the third ACR recording of all the calls Declan made to BT yesterday). So far today we are not experiencing reception problems through our YouView box or through the property aerial, so we should have no case to answer. See my blog post this afternoon, British Telecom: Declan's complaint to the CEO of BT about the handling of the bad TV reception we have been accustomed to getting of late through our BT YouView box.

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