Tuesday, June 06, 2017

A book excerpt from one of France's leading public intellectuals disappears from our Facebook page three times. I have now posted it a fourth time and it has disappeared again (WITH UPDATE - Day 17 21/6/2017)

Re: Blocks on public access to our Church and State website since 26 July 2016

From my newer blog post's Update 21 June (8.39am):

"I have updated my blog post of 16 January with last night's 510th block on public access to our Church and State website since 26 July 2016. The blog post also not only reveals a record-breaking 52 such blocks in one week at the end of April (an unprecedented escalation that kicked off with our focus on Denmark's cartoon crisis; 94 blocks last month), but it reveals the daily targeting to fluctuating degrees of category pages throughout the site which continues to this day."

An unprecedented ten blocks in one day on 7 May with our publication of Atheist Ireland republishes 25 blasphemous quotes in solidarity with Stephen Fry. 21 blocks last week; five blocks so far this week; four blocks yesterday; no blocks since midnight today (as of 21 June at 8.39am).

The War on Free Expression


Facebook have struck again. Since last night they have unprecedentedly been preventing me from posting to our Facebook page a link to one particular piece that I have published on our Church and State website. It is an excerpt from Dr Pascal Bruckner's book "The Tyranny of Guilt" (2012). Dr Bruckner is one of France's leading public intellectuals and the author of over 20 books. Critic Clive James has called him "one of the indispensable philosophers of our time". Historian Richard Wolin said Dr Bruckner "might well be the most distinguished essay writer in France today.... Whether one agrees or disagrees with him, he does the life of the mind an invaluable service." This is my report to Facebook requesting the removal of this block:

6 June 2017

Dear Facebook,

On 5 April I reported that the page listing all the groups I belong to was not working. With this rectified, I reported on 10 April that I couldn't schedule posts on my page. Then I reported on 12 April that my scheduled posts were not posting. Now, since 8pm last night, every time I post to my page a link to an excerpt from a book by one of France's leading public intellectuals, it disappears from the page as soon as it is posted (please see my video at https://youtu.be/QPyOaQUYqUs). Please could you fix this for me.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Lola Heavey

DAY 17 UPDATE 21 June (8.06am): I have just tried posting the excerpt from Dr. Bruckner's book to our Facebook page. It appears to have stuck, but I don't know yet if this constitutes a permanent removal of the block. Every day since 5 June (17 days ago) it has been the same thing: the excerpt appeared but then disappeared as soon as I refreshed the page. For now, this records as a 16-day block. No reply from Facebook to my report above.

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From My Picks:

20 February: The Central London County Court: District Judge Avent dismisses Declan's claim against the Greater London Authority-commissioned St Mungo's that alleged the falsification and fabrication of data against us (WITH UPDATE 16/3/2017)

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