Monday, July 24, 2017

Facebook remove a book excerpt from one of the Netherlands' leading public intellectuals (WITH UPDATE - DAY 18 10/8/2017)

Outrageous, of course.

Donald A. Collins, President, International Services Assistance Fund, Washington DC

Re: Internet cuts since 26 May 2017

From my earlier blog post's Update 9 August (8.50am):

"And it's not just Facebook blocks, blocks on public access to our Church and State website and the daily targeting to fluctuating degrees of category pages throughout the site that Declan and I are dealing with these days. We have also been dealing with Internet cuts since 26 May. See my blog post of 21 June, Internet cuts: We pay £65 per month for BT Infinity but feel we are in a race against time to stay online (WITH UPDATE 9/8/2017 RE: 123rd Internet cut since 26 May 2017)."

We had to suspend work on our Church and State website on 15 June after 4 internet cuts in one night. With a then unprecedented 6 internet cuts on 6 July; 6 cuts on 22 July; 6 cuts on 4 August; 3 cuts yesterday; none since midnight today (as of 9 August at 8.50am).

121st 8 August 2017, 2.02pm
122nd 8 August 2017, 3.24pm
123rd 8 August 2017, 10.45pm

The War on Free Expression

Dr Pascal Bruckner is one of France's leading public intellectuals. Last month Facebook prevented me from posting to our Facebook page a link to an excerpt from Dr Bruckner's book "The Tyranny of Guilt" (2012); see my blog post of 6 June, A book excerpt from one of France's leading public intellectuals disappears from our Facebook page three times. I have now posted it a fourth time and it has disappeared again (WITH UPDATE - Day 17 21/6/2017). That block lasted 16 days. Now Facebook is treating as spam an excerpt from Prof Paul Cliteur's book "The Secular Outlook" (2010). Prof Cliteur is one of the Netherlands' leading public intellectuals. He is professor of Jurisprudence at Leiden University, the oldest university in the Netherlands. This is my report to Facebook requesting the removal of this block:

For the attention of Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Facebook

24 July 2017

Dear Facebook,

I posted the following reply to your message in my Support Inbox (please find your message attached):

Please note that the link you are treating as spam is to an excerpt from Paul Cliteur's book "The Secular Outlook". Prof. Cliteur is one of the Netherlands' leading public intellectuals. He is professor of Jurisprudence at Leiden University, the Netherlands. "The Secular Outlook" is published by Wiley-Blackwell; see

On 5 April I reported that the page listing all the groups I belong to was not working. With this rectified, I reported on 10 April that I couldn't schedule posts on my page. Then I reported on 12 April that my scheduled posts were not posting. On 6 June I reported that every time I posted to my page a link to an excerpt from a book by Pascal Bruckner, one of France's leading public intellectuals, it disappeared from the page as soon as it was posted. I was unable to post the excerpt from Dr. Bruckner's book to my page until 21 June (a 16-day block).

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Lola Heavey

DAY 18 UPDATE 10 August (10.28pm): Facebook posted a reply message tonight. It reads: "We reviewed your post again and found it does follow our Community Standards. The post is being restored to Facebook. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience." This therefore records as an unprecedented 18-day block against a single post; the second of its kind. It's also not uncommon for Facebook to stop me from posting Church and State articles directly to pages and/or groups. See my blog post of 19 June, Facebook's 21st block against our Church and State website since 1 December 2015 (WITH UPDATE 10/8/2017).

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9 June: Ministry of Justice: Complaint to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice against the County Court at Central London, Royal Courts of Justice (WITH UPDATE - Day 13 21/6/2017)

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