Friday, July 07, 2017

Complaint to the CEO of Royal Mail: Has Royal Mail declared open warfare on our incoming mail? And this question is raised on top of Internet cuts that are going out of control (WITH DOUBLE UPDATE 10/7/2017)

Re: Internet cuts since 26 May 2017

From my earlier blog post's Update 10 July (9.06am):

"And it's not just Facebook blocks, blocks on public access to our Church and State website and the daily targeting to fluctuating degrees of category pages throughout the site that Declan and I are dealing with these days. We have also been dealing with Internet cuts since 26 May. See my blog post of 21 June, Internet cuts: We pay £65 per month for BT Infinity but feel we are in a race against time to stay online (WITH UPDATE 10/7/2017 RE: 56th Internet cut since 26 May 2017)."

We had to suspend work on our Church and State website on 15 June after 4 internet cuts in one night. 4 internet cuts on 25 June; a record-breaking 6 cuts on 6 July; 3 cuts yesterday; none since midnight today (as of 10 July at 9.06am).

The War on Free Expression

A record-breaking six internet cuts in one day yesterday, and today started none the better. On 31 May Declan was assured by Samuel Ford of Royal Mail's Chairman and Chief Executive Office that incidents of 'door stepping' would stop; see my blog post of 19 May, Royal Mail: Complaint to the CEO of Royal Mail about 'door-stepping' incidents following the loss of our employment contracts to the United States (WITH UPDATE 23/5/2017). Nonetheless, this morning we found two letters addressed to Declan on the floor in the upstairs communal hall (all tenants have their own letter box). Declan copied Royal Mail CEO Moya Greene into his latest complaint this morning:

For the attention of Moya Greene, Chief Executive, Royal Mail

Samuel Ford
Chairman and Chief Executive Office
Royal Mail

Address removed for email

7 July 2017

Dear Mr Ford,

Further to your email of 31 May as below. Please note that my mail was delivered to the communal hall again this morning.

Please could you take action to remedy this ongoing breach of your policy and procedures.

Yours sincerely,

Declan Heavey

UPDATE 10 June (9.10am): No response from Royal Mail to Declan's email above. We had hoped this email from Moya Greene last May meant we would receive all future mail through our letter box:

Dear Mr Heavey

Thank you for your e-mail. I am sorry to hear that you have had problems with the handling of your enquiry and have asked my senior team to look into this for you straightaway.

Yours sincerely

Moya Greene
Chief Executive Officer

UPDATE 10 June (10.48am): Declan has just received this response from Samuel Ford:

Dear Mr Heavey

Thank you for your email on Friday 7th July – I was unable to respond as I was not in the office.

I’m sorry that you have had cause to contact us again to report a problem with the delivery of your mail. It is clear that we let you down once more – and it is especially disappointing that it has occurred despite the action already taken with your previous complaints.

I have therefore contacted senior management in your area to take a top-down approach to this complaint. This method of reporting makes the most senior relevant manager aware of the incident so that patterns are stopped before the problem becomes endemic.

Please be assured that I do understand the severity of this issue, and I am doing everything I can to ensure we get this fixed for you.

I will write as soon as I am able – but if you need anything else from Royal Mail in the meantime please just let me know.

Kind regards

Samuel Ford
Royal Mail - Chairman and Chief Executive Office

The question for us now is what difficulties we are about to encounter with HM Revenue and Customs; see my newer blog post yesterday, We're back again to HM Revenue and Customs: Is it the intention of HMRC to harass me to have their stop on my mail removed? (WITH UPDATE 10/7/2017).

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