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Independent Police Complaints Commission: My complaint to the IPCC about the alleged non-referral of my complaint against HM Revenue and Customs for serious misconduct (WITH UPDATE 6/9/2017)

Re: Internet cuts since 26 May 2017

From my earlier blog post's Update 6 September (11.15am):

"And it's not just Facebook blocks, blocks on public access to our Church and State website and the daily targeting to fluctuating degrees of category pages throughout the site that Declan and I are dealing with these days. We have also been dealing with Internet cuts since 26 May. See my blog post of 21 June, Internet cuts: We pay £65 per month for BT Infinity but feel we are in a race against time to stay online (WITH UPDATE 6/9/2017 RE: 155th Internet cut since 26 May 2017)."

6 September (11.20am): 155 internet cuts since 26 May 2017.* We had to suspend work on our Church and State website on 15 June after 4 internet cuts in one night. With an all-time record breaking 7 cuts in one day by 4pm on 29 August; 58 cuts last month; 10 cuts last week; 6 cuts this week; 4 cuts yesterday; none since midnight today (as of 6 September at 11.20am).

1. 143rd 29 August 2017, 8.42am
2. 144th 29 August 2017, 9.54am
3. 145th 29 August 2017, 10.52am
4. 146th 29 August 2017, 11.38am
5. 147th 29 August 2017, 12.02pm
6. 148th 29 August 2017, 12.47pm
7. 149th 29 August 2017, 3.10pm
8. 150th 4 September 2017, 12.14pm
9. 151st 4 September 2017, 4.38pm
10. 152nd 5 September 2017, 11.53am
11. 153rd 5 September 2017, 1.48pm
12. 154th 5 September 2017, 4.35pm
13. 155th 5 September 2017, 9.32pm

* 12 out of the first 18 internet cuts were within the first four days of a BT engineer's visit on 12 June. It is a matter of written record that this engineer "securely fitted a brand new master socket to another location on the same wall. He also carried out a comprehensive line test and could not find a problem with [our] line".

The War on Free Expression

HMRC Customer Service Manager for PAYE and Self Assessment: "We previously asked you to complete Self Assessment tax returns because you told us that you would receive self-employed income. However, your 2015-16 return only included income of £2,967 from Network for Church Monitoring and as you had told us that this was PAYE income, we have closed your Self Assessment record" [emphasis added].

In a blog post last November I asked if it would take the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to protect our address with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC); see my blog post of 29 November 2016, Will it take the Independent Police Complaints Commission to protect our address with HM Revenue and Customs? (WITH UPDATE 22/12/2016). Little did Declan and I know at the time that it was our residential address that was insecure (as opposed to our company contact details). On 12 August I complained to the IPCC about serious misconduct by HMRC staff involving criminal or near criminal behaviour. I not only complained about HMRC Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment updating my address on 11 July without my permission (and the detrimental effect this may have on Declan and myself in terms of the possible suspension of our Housing Benefit), but also their subsequent closure of my Self Assessment account based upon fabricated hearsay evidence which no independent judiciary would accept. This morning I copied IPCC Chief Executive Lesley Longstone into this complaint to the IPCC Internal Investigations Unit about what HMRC Internal Governance and Civil Investigations allege was the non-referral by the IPCC of my completed IPCC complaint form:

For the attention of Lesley Longstone, Chief Executive, Independent Police Complaints Commission

Internal Investigations Unit
Independent Police Complaints Commission

Address removed for email

30 August 2017

Tax reference: [number removed]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find attached the word version of my completed Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) complaint form dated 12 August 2017.

The IPCC acknowledged my complaint on 12 August 2017, stating that it had been sent to the appropriate authority I selected in the online complaint form (namely, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) for HMRC Internal Governance and Civil Investigations to consider.

Please find attached a snapshot of the IPCC's online acknowledgement.

On 23 August 2017, HMRC Internal Governance and Civil Investigations told me that they never received my IPCC complaint form. Please could you tell me the reason why.

On 24 August 2017, I sent the word version of my completed IPCC complaint form to HMRC Internal Governance and Civil Investigations (at HMRC Ministerial Correspondence Team have acknowledged receipt of my correspondence.

Please would you acknowledge receipt of this email by reply.

Yours faithfully,

Maria Dolores Heavey
NINO: [number removed]

UPDATE 6 September (11.25am): Not so much as an auto reply from the IPCC! But on 30 August Declan was assured by the IPCC over the telephone that they had received my email above. On 30 August we also discovered that the above-mentioned HMRC blog post last November had been vandalised; see my previous blog post, My blog post about the difficulties we experienced last year with Her Majesty Revenue and Customs has been vandalised (WITH UPDATE: 30/8/2017). I have been blogging HMRC week in week out for two months. Only last Friday we were concerned that this entire blog was at risk; see my blog post of 26 August, Is this letter from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs so outrageous that it has now put this entire N4CM blog at risk? (WITH DOUBLE UPDATE 30/8/2017).


We are well familiar with the IPCC. For example, Declan complained to the IPCC about the police investigation into the removal of our flat door in 2012. It was the IPCC's finding on that occasion that since our then landlady had subsequently signed an undertaking to the County Court promising not to harass us, there was no requirement for the Metropolitan Police Service to take further action.
Re: Removal of our flat door

Paragraph 23(ii) of Declan's updated complaint to the United Nations under Article 19 (freedom of expression) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

23(ii) On 21 August 2012, Ms McKenzie signed an undertaking to the County Court promising not to harass the Applicant and his wife following her builder's removal of the door to their flat (see Annex 9, p. 31). The Independent Police Complaints Commission later upheld the Applicant's appeal against the police investigation of the incident "on information only", stating that "no further action is required by the force in this instance".

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