Friday, February 02, 2018

Is Facebook now blocking my scheduled posts in addition to their 30th block against our Church and State website since 1 December 2015? (WITH UPDATE 3/2/2018)

7 December 2017 (updated today): Fighting for survival in London: Facebook's 26th block against our Church and State website since 1 December 2015. Last month Church and State topped more than 3 million hits over the past year (WITH UPDATE 2/2/2018 RE: Block 30 DAY 6)

I have two posts sitting among my scheduled posts that should have been posted by Facebook yesterday. Since 5 April 2017, I have been reporting technical problems with my Facebook Network for Church Monitoring page, such as being unable to view scheduled posts or being repeatedly unable to schedule posts. But I have never had to report scheduled posts not posting.

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UPDATE 3 February (5.39pm): The two posts no longer appear on my Scheduled Posts page! They were never rescheduled by me. It's hard to know where this is going. I now have to monitor my Scheduled Posts page for scheduled posts that are not posting, and my Network for Church Monitoring page for posts that have actually posted. By way of contrast, see my previous blog post of 31 January, Last night Facebook spams a new op-ed in Church and State by Don Collins, a member of several governing boards and advisory groups in America, stating that it does not conform to their Community Standards (WITH UPDATE - DAY 5 3/2/2018).

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