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We are threatened with eviction because we won't agree with the Mayor of London's GLA Housing First Progamme that we are both mentally ill

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Part 1: High Court rules that the Mayor of London bears no responsibility for his Greater London Authority (GLA) Housing First Programme

[Email to the CEO of the Single Homeless Project to be posted]

This is our chairman's strong rebuttal of SHP's accusation that Declan and I are both mentally ill:

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Church and State website

Church and State Press

Let me recommend an important web site Operating out of London this well-designed and exciting web site covers church-state, population, climate change and other issues. Check it out -- Edd Doerr, President, Americans for Religious Liberty


On 14 March 2013 we were evicted from our previous flat because according to our then live-in landlady's ex-husband, Dr Nigel McKenzie, a consultant psychiatrist in Highgate Mental Health Centre, our flat was needed for somebody with a mental illness. As Declan states in paragraph 8 of his updated complaint to the United Nations, MI5 whistleblower David Shayler also lived with human rights activist Belinda McKenzie in the same house for a couple of years until 2007. It is indeed unfortunate Shayler then declared that he was the Messiah, became a squatter, and was subsequently ridiculed in the press for changing his name to Delores Kane. A New Statesman article dated 11 September 2006 featuring Shayler and Belinda gives no indication that Shayler believed he was the Messiah at that time; whilst a Daily Mail interview with Shayler explicitly shows he believed himself to be Jesus by June 2007.

The Esquire article below* is mentioned in a Guardian article dated 27 March 2012. It is an eye-opener, highlighting the monitoring and surveillance that Shayler had to live with back in 2000, and the contradictory briefings and slanders that were coming out of the British establishment and the media. The author, Dr Eamonn O'Neill, is a lecturer in journalism at Strathclyde University.

*On 2 May 2013, Issuu removed this pdf from my Issuu account following a copyright complaint by Hearst Communications. I had uploaded the article to my Issuu account in December 2012. In March 2013, when last I checked, the article had been viewed more than 15,000 times. It can be viewed here.

BBC PANORAMA: The David Shayler Affair (August 1998)

According to BBC Panorama, Shayler "caused the biggest crisis of official secrecy since the spy catcher affair". In 2002, he was jailed for seven weeks for breaking the Official Secrets Act.


Are we now going to be put through another three eviction courts for the second time? This is Declan's account of the last three eviction courts - two District Courts and a Circuit Court - in his updated complaint to the United Nations under Article 19 (freedom of expression) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

Paragraph 25 of Declan's updated complaint to the United Nations

25. On 17 October 2012, Deputy District Judge Peart issued an accelerated possession order granting Ms McKenzie possession of the Applicant and his wife’s flat on 1 November 2012 (see Annex 16, Belinda McKenzie: Accelerated Possession Order by Deputy District Judge Peart, p. 43). At an appeal hearing, District Judge Alderson acknowledged that there was a note in the file from Peart J stating that he had not read the Applicant’s defence. Alderson J conceded that Ms McKenzie’s claim for accelerated possession did not contain the correct paperwork; however, because he had all the paperwork relating to the tenancy in the Applicant’s appeal bundle, he set aside Peart J’s accelerated possession order and issued an ordinary possession order with the same effect, i.e. eviction within two weeks of his order (see Annex 17, Belinda McKenzie: Possession Order by District Judge Alderson, p. 44). On 11 March 2013, Circuit Judge Cryan refused the Applicant permission to appeal to the Circuit Court against a decision by the District Court to refuse him a stay of eviction. Cryan J had before him a statement dated 5 March 2013 from Ms McKenzie’s ex-husband, Dr Nigel McKenzie, a consultant psychiatrist in Highgate Mental Health Centre, stating that the Applicant and his wife’s flat was required for somebody with a mental illness. He dismissed the Applicant’s request for permission to appeal on the basis that it had no reasonable prospects of success (see Annex 19, Belinda McKenzie: Eviction Order by Circuit Judge Cryan, p. 50). Accordingly, the Applicant and his wife were evicted from their flat by the bailiff on 14 March 2013.
Human rights activist Belinda McKenzie speaking at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse, 4 June 2011, Trafalgar Square

Saturday, November 22, 2014

First 1/2 of Declan's claim against the Single Homeless Project not showing in this blog... again!

Part 1 (this afternoon): Declan's response to the Single Homeless Project CEO's submission to the Central London County Court [DATA PROTECTION]

I have written to TinyPic this evening. This is what Declan's claim against the Single Homeless Project under the Data Protection Act 1998 looks like in this blog at the moment (page 1 of the claim form is missing):

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See my earlier blog this afternoon, Declan's response to the Single Homeless Project CEO's submission to the Central London County Court [DATA PROTECTION], where this particular anomaly will hopefully have been resolved by TinyPic for the second time this month.