Saturday, May 30, 2015

Actionable! St Mungo's Broadway try to use court order to have us evicted from our home by insisting upon the updating and resubmittance of original documentation?

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Part 1 (6 May 2015): High Court Pre-Action Letter: Principal Solicitor for the Mayor of London's Greater London Authority threatens us with eviction by falsely accusing us of refusing support

Malicious Intent Law - Legal Definition

Malicious intent refers to the intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in harm to another. It is the intent to harm or do some evil purpose.

[St Mungos Broadway's decision in regard to the rectification of original application records to be posted, once received]

District Judge Brooks, 8 May 2015

Heavey vs. Single Homeless Project

Upon being satisfied that the Defendant has incorrectly recorded electronic information about the Claimant as to financial position, employment status and that he potentially has mental health problems and upon the Defendant confirming that it will destroy all electronic and paper information that it retains on the Claimant and his wife, Maria Heavey, and upon the Defendant confirming that it will contact St Mungo's Broadway and request that it removes from its website any information about the Claimant and Maria Heavey in relation to debts that they have, their employment status and to specifically remove the word "grandiose"

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Related Post (28 December 2014): Heavey v Single Homeless Project: Will the Central London County Court rule we consented to declarations for online referral that we are paying our own salaries and that we are both mentally ill, and despite our photographic evidence to the contrary?

This is our Chairman's strong rebuttal of the Single Homeless Project's unqualified and biased view that Declan and I are both mentally ill:

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The week before last (by close of business on 20 May), Greater London Authority Principal Solicitor Anna Condliffe breached the pre-action protocol for judicial review by failing to respond to Declan's pre-action letter dated 6 May 2015. She still hasn't bothered to do so. Perhaps a High Court judge will have to order compliance with procedural law before this solicitor, acting on behalf of the Mayor of London, fully complies with her discovery obligations and withdraws her misconceived threat to have us evicted from our home.

Related Post (6 May 2015): High Court rules that the Mayor of London bears no responsibility for his Greater London Authority (GLA) Housing First Programme

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