Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Facebook issues me another warning

Facebook’s warnings keep coming. And I don’t know with what logic: this time I was using the search facility because I was looking for a specific person who turned out to have a FB page and 27 friends in common. How can that be deemed engaging in abusive behavior? Perhaps it can be explained by some sort of software malfunction, but I have also lost at least one FB friend. I spotted he was missing because I had some correspondence with him and couldn’t access his wall. I found it difficult to believe he would have removed me as a friend: well, he didn’t; and now we are friends again. Anyway, a FB group has now been formed "Support Lola Heavey - Stop Facebook Banning Her", which can be accessed here.

I do all my work on computers in my local council-run library, Idea Store Whitechapel (the borough’s flagship library, learning and information service), which is not easy at all in the three free hours we get on each of our membership cards and frequently we run into difficulties. Yesterday, for example, my internet connection slowed down to such an extent that I had to leave the library and go to the local internet café; Declan manned the computer for an hour and a half and says that he was not aware of the lodgement with a member of staff of a complaint by any of the other 23 computer users on the floor. This is Declan’s email this evening to the Leader of Tower Hamlets Council, Councillor Lutfur Rahman:

Subject: Idea Store Whitechapel

Dear Cllr. Rahman,

I refer to your email of acknowledgement of 13 February 2009 from Ms. Rekha Ruparelia, stating:

The Leader is in receipt of your letter dated 10th February 2009 and he is sorry to learn of the problems you encountered in getting hold of Idea staff at Whitechapel branch. He has asked Stephen Halsey to look into this matter and he will contact you direct.

I can confirm that I have yet to hear from Mr. Halsey or anyone else for and on behalf of Tower Hamlets Council in respect of the difficulties I have had getting through by email to Ms. Lisa Randall, Acting Manager, Idea Store Whitechapel, concerning internet access on both my wife's card (card no. D000350314) and my card (card no. D000355837).

I attach copy of my email of even date to Ms. Randall on our on-going difficulties with internet access and reconfirm that since my original complaint of 21 January 2008 to the former Leader of Tower Hamlets Council, Cllr. Denise Jones, my wife and I have not only experienced repeated loss of computer bookings and internet access, but several other problems to boot. Please reconsider:

(1) On 1 February 2008, the Principal Idea Store Manager, Mr Sergio Dogliani, wrote to me advising that the restriction by Idea Store Whitechapel of both my wife and I to a 3-hour maximum free computer use per day as from 29 January stood, despite that for several months previous we were given "additional time" subject to computer availability and in accordance with the Council's then and current "Idea Stores PC Usage Policy";

(2) On 24 June 2008 at 12.30pm, a member of staff threatened my wife with security if she did not give her computer up to another card holder, despite that thirty minutes earlier a member of staff had confirmed in writing that my wife had booked the computer from 11.30am to 2.30pm;

(3) On 3 August 2008, both of the computers my wife and I had booked the previous day contained an identical virus which spread to the two USB drives we were using. This rendered my wife's portable programs inoperable. It also corrupted some of my most valuable data, namely, a Word document containing a categorized list of over 150 British signatories of a petition of mine to the United Nations on therapeutic cloning (SCNT) and a related database containing the names, email addresses and contact information for over 3,000 scientists and academics from around the world;

(4) On 6 August 2008 at 2.45pm, MIMEsweeper blocked access to my Google Mail account due to "Porn Detected". Following the restoration of my access to the account at 3.10pm, the IT technician informed me that "it may happen again for any length of time".

As I mentioned in my initial letter of complaint to you of 4 August 2008 following (3) above, my petition to the United Nations on SCNT has been signed by recognized authorities from the world's leading universities and research institutes, now numbering 590 scientists and academics, including 24 Nobel Laureates. Of late, my wife has been using as much of her computer time as she can to develop her wall on Facebook in accordance with our website at
http://religionandmorality.net; so far she has 617 FB friends, including several distinguished scientists and academics from around the world.

Please would you acknowledge receipt.

Yours sincerely,
Declan Heavey