Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live-in landlady refuses me receipt for £1000 in rent paid

This morning our live-in landlady, human rights activist Belinda McKenzie, refused me a receipt for the £1,000 I paid her in rent for the last month. She then emailed me, stating: “Regarding the payment of rent due today, I will receive the money in the usual way and give you a receipt as soon as you acknowledge receipt of the Possession Notice this morning.” So Declan has emailed Belinda’s solicitors, Messrs Kidd Rapinet, to have what was my payment of rent acknowledged in accordance with the law (see blog of 20 April Declan reports Kidd Rapinet to the Solicitors Regulation Authority):

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Belinda has had to withdraw her claim for the accelerated possession of our flat due to the “wrong information” she provided the Court, to quote herself. But her stance this morning baffles me. As I said in the previous blog We lose all access to the internet, Belinda recently started up a group called the Association of McKenzie Friends – a McKenzie friend is a lay legal advisor assisting litigants in person. The Association is necessary, they say, “because too many victims of white collar crimes encountered too many problems and their helpers and supporters as well”.

First meeting of the Association of McKenzie Friends, Westminster, with John Hemming MP for Birmingham, featuring Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill.

MI5 whistleblower David Shayler lived in one of the rooms below us for a couple of years, until 2007. Regarding Shayler, this is what we told the Court last week in our defence to Possession Order (see Additional Information, para. 4):
The defendants refute the claimant’s statement that she explained to them that their tenancy was never meant to be a long-term arrangement as she would need the accommodation back for her family at some point. The following email evidence is by no means exhaustive (copy of emails available to the Court upon request). On 24 July 2009, the claimant emailed an associate of the defendants in America stating that former MI5 whistleblower David Shayler lived in the house for a couple of years until 2007 (it is unfortunate that Mr Shayler then declared that he was the Messiah, became a squatter, and was subsequently ridiculed in the press for changing his name to Delores Kane), adding that her house could be an “in-house charity” for impoverished activists supported by “some kind of international fund”. On 18 September 2011, the claimant wrote that the defendants “could have stayed here indefinitely” if they “hadn't been so generally stand-offish”. The Note to the Court goes on to state that the claimant needs the defendants’ flat for her family, but she has repeatedly stated in email correspondence that she wanted the flat for a homeless couple who were expecting a baby.

Human rights activist Belinda McKenzie speaking at the UK Rally against child abuse, 4 June 2011, Trafalgar Square