Thursday, November 08, 2012

Declan appeals police finding that we removed the front door of our flat

Click here to view the police investigation outcome letter referred to in the appeal to the IPCC above

If we removed the flat door, why did our live-in landlady, human rights activist Belinda McKenzie, write to the Court on 11 September, stating in Part A at paragraph 8: “…I removed the interconnecting door that makes the flat self-contained, in order to signal to them that their tenancy was over, in my mind anyway. They immediately called the police who said I had a right to remove my own door....” And why did she sign this undertaking to the Court following the incident on 27 July 2012?

And so much for these photographs:

That's Belinda in the photograph.
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Human rights activist Belinda McKenzie speaking at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse, 4 June 2011, Trafalgar Square