Sunday, November 25, 2012

Live-in landlady writes she is physically removing us from our flat on 14 December, no bailiffs required

Our live-in landlady is human rights activist Belinda McMcKenzie. Despite her undertaking to the court on 21 August not to harass us for a period of one year, Belinda has just threatened us with physical removal from our flat on 14 December 2012, without bailiffs.

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Declan is asking the Court to set aside (ie cancel) the possession order Belinda refers to above. This is his appeal (including grounds of appeal and skeleton argument) which the Circuit Court sent back to the District Court for hearing on 7 December:

Click to enlarge Human rights activist Belinda McKenzie (R) listens to a survivor at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse, 4 June 2011, Trafalgar Square