Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Facebook post reach exceeds 2 million people, with one article reaching 1 million people (WITH UPDATE)

Part 1: Heavey v Single Homeless Project: Will the Central London County Court rule we consented to declarations for online referral that we are paying our own salaries and that we are both mentally ill, and despite our photographic evidence to the contrary?

Facebook Post Reach: 2.2 million

Clerical Child Abuse Article: 1,055,744 people reached

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UPDATE (6.42pm):

Facebook Post Reach: 2.6 million

Article: 1,184,230 people reached

We exceed our limit of 100,000 visitors per month within two weeks

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This is our Chairman's strong rebuttal of the Single Homeless Project's view that Declan and I are both mentally ill:

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Update: SITEGROUND UPGRADE: Our Church and State website still a royal mess... Facebook Post Reach: 3.5 million (WITH UPDATES)