Friday, April 17, 2015

SITEGROUND UPGRADE: Our Church and State website is down from the internet (WITH UPDATES)

Part 1 (16 April 2015): SITEGROUND UPGRADE: Our Church and State website still a royal mess... Facebook Post Reach: 3.5 million (WITH UPDATES)

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UPDATE 1 (3.07pm): Our American web host SiteGround effectively tells me to reconstruct our Church and State website with a new WordPress theme? "As I mentioned before we cannot specify why exactly your application started spawning these slow queries. However, this is now [sic] in any way influenced by the server, the MySQL service is setup in similar fashion on the previous shared hosting server and the current Cloud solution."

UPDATE 2 (4.32pm): SiteGround replies to my request for the name of the person to whom I should write to escalate my complaint: "At this time your server is properly functional and your website is accessible.... Should you still require for the case to be escalated update this ticket."

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If you would like to help us personally, please feel free to pick up one of our books (shameless plug, I know, but every sale helps us to work our way out of our precarious situation). There is currently five books available in Church and State Press here, and all proceeds from the first four of these books go to us with the authors' permission. Thank you all for all the support you have given us, and I hope we can keep our Church and State website going despite the constant threats.