Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The blocks on access to our Church and State website continue unabated (WITH UPDATE 14/1/2017)

UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)

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Latest block on access to our website: 11.21am

Our 87 Honorary Associates include Nobel laureates Philip W. Anderson and the late Sir Harold Kroto; in the past few days, ten notable scholars from around the world have given Declan permission to add their names to the list. Nonetheless, we are currently experiencing Facebook's 17th block against our Church and State website since 1 December 2015 (this is a link to my previous blog post of 9 December). "Glad you compiled this odious record of mistaken blockage. What possesses the site? Surely after multiple postings they must know your content is neither lewd nor extreme," writes Don Collins, President of the International Services Assistance Fund, Washington, DC.

Don often sends us material to publish on our Church and State website. 70% of our hits are from Americans.

Meanwhile, the unprecedented double-barrelled attack on our Church and State website also continues unabated (SiteGround is paid $1,000 per year to host our site and manage the server):

1. Our Facebook likes/shares plugin has been showing zeros to fluctuating degrees on category pages throughout the site since 19 August (the first article here has 499,100 recommends and 632 comments; it can be viewed here):

2. I have been blogging non-access to the site since 26 July with all sorts of graphics:

1st 26 July 2016, 9.34pm
2nd 27 July 2016, 12.10pm
3rd 27 July 2016, 5.55pm
4th 28 July 2016, 11.44pm
5th 29 July 2016, 12.29pm
6th 30 July 2016, 3.58pm
7th 31 July 2016, 7.03pm
8th 2 August 2016, 10.23pm
9th 3 August 2016, 1.05pm
10th 7 August 2016, 10.49am
11th 8 August 2016, 11.38am
12th 14 August 2016, 2.02pm
13th 16 August 2016, 8.56pm
14th 18 August 2016, 10.48pm
15th 18 August 2016, 11.14pm
16th 20 August 2016, 6.04pm
17th 21 August 2016, 2.35pm
18th 25 August 2016, 3.07pm
19th 30 August 2016, 8.10pm
20th 31 August 2016, 1.10am
21st 2 September 2016, 8.44pm
22nd 10 September 2016, 11.51pm
23rd 11 September 2016, 3.46am
24th 15 September 2016, 3.47pm
25th 16 September 2016, 3.45pm
26th 19 September 2016, 4.50am
27th 19 September 2016, 12.15pm
28th 20 September 2016, 4.39pm
29th 22 September 2016, 10.43pm
30th 23 September 2016, 10.32am
31st 23 September 2016, 8.53pm
32nd 25 September 2016, 5.54pm
33rd 29 September 2016, 3.09pm
34th 3 October 2016, 11.32pm
35th 5 October 2016, 11.56pm
36th 6 October 2016, 2.06pm
37th 7 October 2016, 12.57pm
38th 7 October 2016, 10.31pm
39th 8 October 2016, 12.05am
40th 9 October 2016, 12.02am
41st 10 October 2016, 10.39am
42nd 10 October 2016, 11.18am
43rd 13 October 2016, 8.32pm
44th 14 October 2016, 5.10pm
45th 14 October 2016, 6.51pm
46th 16 October 2016, 2.14am
47th 18 October 2016, 6.09pm
48th 19 October 2016, 7.39pm
49th 23 October 2016, 8.55pm
50th 9 November 2016, 9.24am
51st 16 November 2016, 10.46pm
52nd 18 November 2016, 1.27pm
53rd 25 November 2016, 9.27pm
54th 27 November 2016, 3.40pm
55th 27 November 2016, 7.51pm
56th 28 November 2016, 1.11pm
57th 1 December 2016, 8.58pm
58th 5 December 2016, 6.01pm
59th 7 December 2016, 4.19pm
60th 8 December 2016, 10.42pm
61st 9 December 2016, 6.16pm
62nd 11 December 2016, 8.39pm
63rd 12 December 2016, 1.31pm
64th 12 December 2016, 10.37pm
65th 13 December 2016, 11.21am (see graphic above)


66th 13 December 2016, 12.55pm
67th 13 December 2016, 8.28pm
68th 14 December 2016, 1.25pm
69th 15 December 2016, 2.39pm
70th 16 December 2016, 3.49pm
71st 17 December 2016, 6.53pm
72nd 18 December 2016, 2.40pm
73rd 18 December 2016, 5.01pm
74th 20 December 2016, 12.19am
75th 21 December 2016, 1.28pm
76th 22 December 2016, 12.43pm
77th 22 December 2016, 11.21pm
78th 23 December 2016, 6.41am
79th 23 December 2016, 8.35am
80th 23 December 2016, 9.51am
81st 24 December 2016, 8.41pm
82nd 26 December 2016, 6.15am
83rd 26 December 2016, 1.37pm
84th 27 December 2016, 2.12pm
85th 27 December 2016, 11.08pm
86th 28 December 2016, 2.32pm
87th 28 December 2016, 5.24pm
88th 30 December 2016, 10.10am
89th 31 December 2016, 11.41pm
90th 2 January 2017, 2.53pm
91st 3 January 2017, 6.25am
92nd 3 January 2017, 2.04pm
93rd 3 January 2017, 7.18pm
94th 3 January 2017, 8.52pm
95th 4 January 2017, 5.59am
96th 4 January 2017, 9.42am
97th 5 January 2017, 11.38pm
98th 6 January 2017, 2.10am
99th 8 January 2017, 3.29pm
100th 8 January 2017, 7.07pm
101st 8 January 2017, 10.20pm
102nd 9 January 2017, 3.46am
103rd 9 January 2017, 4.05pm
104th 12 January 2017, 1.15pm
105th 12 January 2017, 3.26pm
106th 14 January 2017, 12.47am
107th 14 January 2017, 6.34am
108th 14 January 2017, 9.14pm

All the blocks above have been registered by SiteGround.

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RE: Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)

Paragraph 12 of Declan's updated complaint to the United Nations under Article 19 (freedom of expression) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

12. It is important to underscore that the discriminatory surveillance suffered by the Applicant and his wife is not an isolated event. Rather, it is emblematic of a larger pattern of surveillance by law enforcement officials in the UK that has been well-documented by international and domestic human rights bodies. For example, GCHQ's Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) specialises in the "4 D's": deny, disrupt, degrade, deceive. It has been branded by the press as the spy agency's "deception unit". Though its existence was secret until 2014, JTRIG has developed a distinctive profile in the public understanding, after documents from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the unit had engaged in "dirty tricks" like deploying sexual "honey traps" designed to discredit targets, launching denial-of-service attacks to shut down Internet chat rooms, pushing veiled propaganda onto social networks and generally warping discourse online. Previous reporting on GCHQ established its focus on what it regards as political radicalism. Beyond JTRIG's targeting of Anonymous, other parts of GCHQ targeted political activists and groups deemed to be "radical", even monitoring human rights NGOs. President of the London-based Privacy International Simon Davies: "If spying on human rights NGOs isn't off limits for GCHQ, then what is?"

Citizenfour Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Edward Snowden Documentary HD


From a fascinating excerpt from Glenn Greenwald's book "No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State":

All of the evidence highlights the implicit bargain that is offered to citizens: pose no challenge and you have nothing to worry about. Mind your own business, and support or at least tolerate what we do, and you'll be fine. Put differently, you must refrain from provoking the authority that wields surveillance powers if you wish to be deemed free of wrongdoing.

'Let me recommend an important web site churchandstate.org.uk. Operating out of London this well-designed and exciting web site covers church-state, population, climate change and other issues. Check it out.' - Edd Doerr, President, Americans for Religious Liberty

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