Sunday, December 10, 2017

The most significant attack we have ever encountered on our access to our own website? (WITH UPDATE 10/12/2017)

This evening we cannot access our Church and State website on four laptops in the strangest of ways (videoed above). We don't know whether all four laptops have been attacked or the site has been removed from the internet. The former is not inconceivable; see my blog post of 3 December, As an assault on individual privacy, we compare the on-off targeting of Declan's relatively new £600 laptop with the removal of our flat door in 2012 (WITH UPDATE 8/12/2017). Perhaps this is the most significant attack we have ever encountered on our access to our own website. I have written to a colleague in Washington, DC to enquire if he has access to the site. I have also asked our web host, SiteGround, if they know what has happened.

UPDATE 10 December (8.10pm): I have heard back from SiteGround. I had no idea they had changed my server's hostname. They write: "[W]e have changed the server hostname back to the correct one." They further add: "It appears that the multi php module for Apache was not enabled properly or actually, it was enable incorrectly and thus during the Apache rebuild the include for the said module disappeared. I have fixed re-added it and distilled Apache configuration file so the next time the rebuild passes the same include will not be removed." What a relief!

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