Saturday, August 17, 2013

City of London Police stop/search at 3.15am with street cleaners

Last night we were woken by a police officer accompanied by two street cleaners. I was certain the officer (PC 632CP) was going to ask us to move out of the porch so the cleaners could drown it with some deep cleaning product (see blog of 30 July, Police send in street cleaners to our sleeping pitch), but it didn't happen. Perhaps it was just a threat; why otherwise would a police officer be accompanied by two street cleaners on a highwalk? Well, at least I caught this photograph for the record:

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I took this photo a few minutes after everybody had left:
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Declan has yet to receive a reply to his judicial review pre-action letter to the Commissioner of Police for the City of London and Home Secretary. Technically, he could have lodged his claim with the High Court yesterday (the facts to be relied on for permission to apply for a judicial review can be read here).