Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government: Formal complaint of discrimination against Newham Council. Declan cannot even befriend an older or isolated resident in the London Borough of Newham

Your important mission has apparently been offensive to the usual people for whom free speech and the free expression of ideas is an anathema! Keep firing!!

Donald A. Collins, President of ISAF, Washington, DC

This afternoon the Equality Advisory Support Service told Declan that they didn't think he had a good enough complaint of discrimination against our local council for their referral of the complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. So he brought the complaint to central government and contacted our local MP for the referral. The complaint of discrimination - Newham Council have effectively blocked Declan from befriending on a voluntary basis anyone in the London Borough of Newham - is obvious enough to us. This is Declan's formal complaint of discrimination against Newham Council to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid:

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While Declan was working on getting his complaint to central government, my work was attacked twice. First Facebook logged me out of my account, and then informed me that as a security precaution they had locked my account.
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Then Facebook blocked me for the eleventh time since 1 December 2015 from posting to groups and without any stated reason or cause. They have yet to respond to my appeal, but they never responded to any of my previous ten appeals so I am not that surprised.
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These are the eleven Facebook blocks we have experienced since 1 December 2015:

1st 1-4 December 2015
2nd 5-7 December 2015
3rd 6-9 January 2016
4th 12-15 January 2016
5th 20-22 January 2016
6th 13-16 February 2016
7th 23-26 March 2016
8th 20-23 May 2016
9th 25-30 May 2016
10th 1-3 July 2016
11th 7-8 September 2016

To the best of our knowledge, not even Shadow Home Office Minister Lyn Brown received a reply from Facebook UK Managing Director Steve Hatch last December.

Facebook UK Managing Director Steve Hatch

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